Commercial Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing Program “CHAMP”


Rebuilding Afghanistan’s Agriculture industry

It reduced poverty among rural Afghan farmers by helping them shift from relatively low-value subsistence crops, such as wheat and corn, to high-value perennial crops such as fruits and vegetables.

From 2010-2020

  • 118,000 farmers trained in improved agricultural techniques, including 4,400 women

  • 133,900 tons of produce valued at more than $289 million USD exported to international markets

  • 42,200 households benefited from a value chain approach, ranging from establishing orchards to exporting high quality produce.

  • 700 hectares of traditional vineyards converted to trellising

  • 2.90 million saplings and rooted cuttings planted, benefiting 19,800 farmers

  • 10,500 full-time jobs created in agribusiness

  • 11.200 hectares of new commercial production

  • 230 storage facilities constructed, such as raisin drying sheds and apple cool rooms

Expanding sales of Afghan products in important export markets means better incomes for farm families,
dignified jobs for Afghan women and men, and increased revenue for the government.”
— Peter Natiello, USAID/Afghanistan Mission Director

Trellising Vineyards and New Orchards


Three decades of war left Afghanistan’s farming infrastructure in ruins. Farm families were scattered, export linkages were broken and centuries of valuable farm knowledge was lost. Afghan produce exports were halted and the once formidable agricultural producer became dependent on aid and foreign imports to sustain its population.

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Improving the quality of Afghan produce


CHAMP was created in 2010 to address these problems by improving the quality and quantity of farm production, addressing the challenges that block access to overseas markets (transportation, packaging, sorting and handling), and connecting exporters with overseas buyers and supermarket retailers at international trade shows.

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High Value Marketing and Agribusiness Development


During the life of CHAMP, Afghan agricultural exports rose from $291 million in 2010 to $747 million in 2017, representing $456 million in new exports (growth for non-agricultural goods was only $76 million during this same period). ROP directly facilitated $290 million of that growth.

Supporting Gender Integration in agriculture

For more information about CHAMP, take a look at our end-of-project fact sheet: