Honoring Robert Scott Thomas, Roots of Peace's Senior Advisor

Robert Scott Thomas, age 93, was laid to rest with a legacy of love for the land and his family. He encouraged his only daughter, Heidi Kuhn, CEO, Roots of Peace, to fulfill her dream for a more peaceful world and was always strongly there by her side.

The Consul Generals of China, Vietnam and Ukraine personally attended his Memorial Service this week in tribute to his legacy and wrote beautiful letters (linked below) which the Kuhn family will treasure for a lifetime—deeply inspiring us to further build upon this pioneer ‘spirit of peace‘ which began in San Rafael, California in the 1850’s.

A special ‘thank you’ to the 150 guests who attended, as Father Paul Fitzgerald, President, University of San Francisco, presided over this special Memorial Service in honor of the legacy of a true California Cowboy.


Letter from Consul General of Ukraine.

Letter from Consul General of China.

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