Our Timeline

Founded 1997

Heidi made a toast in the living room of her home, that the world may go from “Mines to Vines,” launching Roots of Peace.


May 2000

U.S. Department of State Mission to Croatia with Napa Valley Vintner Miljenko 'Mike' Grgich (Grgich Hills Estate) and Sonoma Vintner, Judy Jordan (J Wine) joining Heidi Kuhn and daughter, Kyleigh Kuhn, age 13, to visit Croatian minefields.

July 2000

Completed 2nd de-mining project in Serbia and Croatia.

Secretary of State Colin Powell invites Roots of Peace to U.S. State Department Dinner. Chevron Corporation donates $30,000 to Roots of Peace for Battambang, Cambodia.

Dec 2001

Jan 2002

Launches MINES TO VINES™ Campaign for Afghanistan

Completes First Demining-Replant Project in Cambodia

Aug 2002

Jan 2003

USAID/RAMP grant $6 million to Roots of Peace for replanting in Afghanistan. Rapid Agriculture Marketing Program (RAMP), USAID program, implemented by Roots of Peace.

First Cold Storage Shipment From Afghanistan, ships 4 tons of fresh grapes from Kabul to Delhi-creating history as the first cold storage shipment from Afghanistan.

Nov 2004

Diane Disney Miller donates $100,000 to turn MINES TO VINES™ near Vukovar, Croatia. Roots of Peace launches their sixth Croatian demining project in Ilok, along a former Croatian and Serbian battlefront with CROMAC.

May 2005

New Cold Storage Fruit Processing Center Established in Afghanistan
Roots of Peace opens a new fruit processing center in the Shomali, north of Kabul in Afghanistan.

June 2005

ABC7 News Anchor Cheryl Jennings visits Roots of Peace in Afghanistan.

Aug 2005

Robert & Margrit Mondavi Host Roots of Peace GALA at COPIA
Roots of Peace 8th Anniversary hosted by legendary vintner Robert Mondavi.

Sept 2005

National Orchard Program launched in Afghanistan
35,000 Orchards established on former battlefields.

Jan 2006

Oxford, England–Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship Jeff Skoll presents Heidi Kuhn with Skoll Award honoring Roots of Peace.

Mar 2006

New National Orchard Programs in Afghanistan. Roots of Peace announces new national orchard programs in Afghanistan to plant nearly 2 million cherries, apricots, prunes, plums, apples, walnuts, and almonds trees throughout Kandahar, Badakhshan, and Jalalabad.

April 2007

Queen Mary II hosts Roots of Peace ‘Cruise for Peace’ from NYC to South Hampton, England. Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan and Miljenko 'Mike' Grgich receive Global Citizen Award.

May 2007

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams joins Roots of Peace in Croatia. President Stepan Mesic and Prime Minister Ivan Racan and Dijana Plestina lead the delegation.

Sept 2007

Zagreb, Croatia–President Stepan Mesic hosts Roots of Peace
Hollywood Actress Diane Baker presents $50,000 from Miljenko Grgich for demining.

Oct 2007

President Hamid Karzai Welcomes Roots of Peace at Presidential Palace. Heidi Kuhn and Shamim Jawad join efforts as American and Afghan mothers.

Nov 2007

Hollywood Actress Diane Baker joins Roots of Peace in Afghanistan
Visit to Mazar-e-Sharif, Samangan and Balkh provinces to meet with farmers.

Feb 2008

Rotary Club of San Francisco #2, President John Hoch visits MINES TO VINES™ in Croatia. Rotary Club of San Rafael and District #5150 contribute over $250,000 to Roots of Peace.

April 2008

San Patrignano, Italy–Roots of Peace invited as Speaker
Afghan traders feature dried fruits and saffron at largest slow food exhibition in Europe.

Jun 2008

Leader Nancy Pelosi invites Heidi Kuhn to meet U.S. Congressional Delegation in Kabul recognizing the work Roots of Peace as an outstanding example of positive change durning International Women's Day in Afghanistan.

Mar 2009

Roots of Peace implements USAID program

Sept 2009

Grand Opening of Mir Botcha Kot School ‘Diane Disney Miller’ Library and Computer Lab. Ribbon cutting event—construction on the new Mir Botcha Kot School Library and Computer Lab is officiated by Brigadier General Barbara Faulkenberry and Afghan Governor.

Nov 2009

Construction on the new Bam Saray Girls High School in Bamyan is completed.

Jan 2010

Roots of Peace receives a $30.4 million grant from USAID—the largest grant ever given to a nongovernmental organization.

Feb 2010

The Roots of Peace Penny Campaign reaches the 50 Million penny mark—children worldwide have contributed to building new schools and soccer fields in Afghanistan.

Mar 2010

Vietnamese Government (PACCOM) grants approval to Roots of Peace to turn MINES TO VINES in Binh Phouc—replacing minefields with cacao/cashew.

May 2010

Israel and Palestine—Embarks upon new MINES TO VINES™ program in Middle-East. Landmine survivors Jerry White and Daniel Yuval invite Heidi Kuhn to begin programs.

June 2010

Historic Shipment of Afghan grapes to New Delhi, India

Aug 2010

Roots of Peace hosts Daniel Yuval, age 10, landmine victim in Washington, D.C. and NYC. Jerry White and Daniel Yuval meet with Senator John McCain--Receive Global Citizen Award.

Nov 2010

Kabul, Afghanistan: Roots of Peace, implementing USAID’s CHAMP program, exports the first-ever refrigerated pomegranates to Canada and Holland.

Dec 2010

Kabul, Afghanistan: Project “Green Kabul”—Roots of Peace plants 15,000 pine trees throughout the city of Kabul, with funding from the U.S. Military. Knesset unanimous vote for Landmine Removal in The Holy Land Qasr el Yahud, Israel: Roots of Peace works behind the scenes to help pass the historical Mine Action Law. General John F. Campbell, ISAF, invites Roots of Peace to Bagram AFB Roots of Peace 'Green Kabul' plants 15,000 pine trees with DOD funding.

Mar 2011

Sept 2011

9/11—10 Year Tribute—Heidi Kuhn joins General Barbara Faulkenberry in Germany International Women's Forum (IWF) honors turning MINES TO VINES.

Nov 2011

Roots of Peace GALA honors Margrit Mondavi and Daniel Yuval at Meadowood Napa Valley Film Festival partners with Roots of Peace. Yountville, California—Roots of Peace Grove established at California Veterans Home November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) — Six Redwood Trees planted in tribute to landmine victims.

Dec 2011

Roots of Peace invited to Bethlehem and Jerusalem 40 Day trip—Shirley & Paul Dean,Owners, Spiriterra Vineyards, fund Husan Village.

Roots of Peace SHADE program in Vietnam trains 500 farmers on former battlefields.

Aug 2012

Jan 2013

THE HOLY LAND—ABC7 News Anchor Cheryl Jennings and producer Rick Pettibone Visit Bethlehem, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem—turning MINES TO VINES™.

Landmines Removed in the fields of Bethlehem (Husan Village, Muslim community). Historic landmine removal with Israelis and Palestinians working together with QUADRO.

May 2013

Roots of Peace Trains 3000 Afghan Women to grow grapes on former war-torn lands. Al Jazeera News Reporter, Jennifer Glasse joins Roots of Peace in Shomali Plains.

Feb 2014

Taliban Attack—Roots of Peace Compound, Kabul, Afghanistan

Mar 2014

Roots of Peace turns MINES TO VINES™ in Quang Tri, Vietnam
VTV4 Reports on success in former DMZ—planting black pepper on former battlefields.

Nov 2014

Croatian President salutes Roots of Peace MINES TO VINES™ in Zagreb, Croatia. Announces ALL vineyards demined, due to efforts by Miljenko 'Mike' Grgich 15 years ago.

Oct 2015

Nov 2015

Roots of Peace historic shipment of black pepper from Vietnam to U.S.A.

Dec 2015

Washington, D.C.—Leader Nancy Pelosi hosts Roots of Peace at The Capitol

Napa Valley—Austin Hills, co-owner, Grgich Hills Estate, hosts Roots of Peace Fundraiser

May 2016

Jan 2017

Islamabad, Pakistan—Prime Minister Sharif of Pakistan hosts Gary and Heidi Kuhn DUNYA TV features Roots of Peace humanitarian efforts.

Feb 2017

Bogota, Colombia—World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Recipients

April 2017

MAG invites Roots of Peace to Kensington Palace. Prince Harry announces goal to eradicate all landmines by 2025.

May 2017

The Vatican—Pope Francis receives Heidi Kuhn–presentation of ‘White Rose’

Sept 2017

Over 80,000 tons of fresh fruit exported, valued at $100,000 impacting Afghan farmers. 20th Anniversary of Roots of Peace—Walt Disney Family Museum.

Rotary China, Mr. Frank Yih, donates $150,000 to Roots of Peace for Vietnam

Dec 2017

Vancouver, Canada–Rotary Presidential Peacebuilding Conference

Feb 2018

ROP awarded USAID grant for AMP to increase export sales of Afghan agricultural products, create employment and provide opportunities for economic development in newly accessible or rural areas.

May 2020

Roots of Peace and UN Development Programme in Afghanistan have partnered to implement Community-Based Agriculture and Rural Development—Access to Licit Livelihoods (CBARD-ALL) project that supports farmers in provinces with abundant poppy production to switch to growing high-value fruit and vegetables.

Feb 2021

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